Išmanioji spyna YALE Doorman

Applications and user benefits for property owners and apartment block administrators:
• Large reduction of key administration since apartment tenants manage their own locks, such as registering and disabling their electronic keys.
– Example. If an apartment tenant needs an extra key, he/she buys a key tag and registers it to their own lock. In other words, there is no need to involve the property owner or locksmith at all – apart from buying a key tag from the locksmith.
– Example. If someone loses a key tag, it can easily be disabled by the apartment tenant him/her self. A new key tag is then registered by the apartment tenant themself. No need to replace the lock cylinder, or order a new system key as with mechanical locks.
• There is no need to hand over a physical key in order for an administrator to enter an apartment. The apartment tenant can arrange a temporary code that applies for only 24 hours instead, and is then automatically disabled. If the apartment tenant forgets to arrange a temporary code, then the ordinary code can be given over the phone, since the tenant can easily change the code when he/she gets home. This possibility is not available with, for instance, key tubes or other ways of transferring physical keys.
• When changing apartments, the transfer of keys can be performed without physically exchanging key tags. The code can be left instead, and then be changed by the new tenant when they move in. If the key tags are not transferred, then the new apartment tenant just registers new key tags when they move in.
• Does not require cable runs or broadband.
• The same electronic key can be used for both property and apartment, by using several different combi-cards.
• Scalable when reducing or increasing properties.
Product features:
• Specially developed for harsh Scandinavia weather conditions. Withstands cold, heat, snow and rain, as well as dirt and sand. IP classified to IP55. UV-protected surface that withstands sun and moisture over long periods.
• Fire tested to EI30.
• Fits most Scandinavian-style front doors without requiring machining or door adjustment. Suits doors from 40 to 88 mm thick. The lock is symmetrical and can be mounted on both right- and left-hung doors using ASSA 1487 strike.
• Powered by 4 AA batteries. If the batteries run down, you can always gain entrance by holding a 9V battery against contacts on the outside and then unlock with the electronic key.
• Spoken instructions in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and English as well as a guide light for installing and operating.
• Available in white, black and silver.
• Key tag based on RFID 6 digit code.
Remote radio control.
• A sensor in the lock ensures optimum function
and information for the user.
• Hook bolt couples the lock and frame together
for highest strength.
• Possible to lock using gone-away function from
the outside, preventing door from being opened from the inside.
• Can be opened from the inside without
being powered.
• Open with Smartphone using Verisure and Aptus
(not included).

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  • Easy to install, retrofits Scandinavian and Finnish locks
  • Door thickness: 40 to 88 mm
  • Flexible with several credentials
  • PIN code
  • Key tag
  • Remote control
  • Yale Smart Living app
  • Connected to Yale Smart Living alarms
  • Pre-programmed voice guide DK, NO, SW, FI & UK
  • Meets all Scandinavian standards
  • Quality controll locally in Sweden
  • SSF 3522 certified, FG approved
  • CE certified
  • Customer support with all Scandinavian languages
  • IP55 Weather resistant
  • Operation Temperature: -25 to +70C
  • Power: 4 x 1.5V AA alkaline
  • Emergency Power: 9V battery
  • Finishes: Silver, White & Black
  • Opening with key tag and/or PIN code
  • Easy to install and programmed
  • Possibility of automatic locking
  • One day code possibility (valid 24h)
  • New key tag adding is easy and convenient
  • Lost key tag can simply be erased
  • Alarm
  • Suitable for fire doors
  • IP55 weather resistant
  • Finishes: Silver, White & Black

Opening with mobile phone

  • Yale Smart Living Home app
  • Module needs to be added to the lock and install the HUB (HUB – network cable and power supply needed)
  • Opening and locking, granting and deleting access rights by mobile app
  • Possible to give time access rights and monitor usage